Spiritual inspired and science-backed is at the core of all our current and coming endeavours; Lamark and The Works. This reflects in universal design, a sense of cosmic interrelatedness and belief in the basic goodness of human nature. We are social beings and all destined to find our north and fulfil our unique purpose, our dharma, to live in harmony.

This deep ancient wisdom, spirituality or if you prefer mysticism is embodied by all our team members next to their passion, skills and insights in their professional field. Whether that is in the field of spatial sound algorithms, mathematics, neuroscience or human behaviour and needs. We use a distinct process of materializing our vision and dreams based on the intersection of scientific (quantum theory) and shamanistic knowledge.

The gold that we all have in our hearts and inner beings is cultivated to shine bright. To bring light and compassion to those nearby, to the community and to the universe. And to make a difference now and in the future. ‘Compassionomics’ the term introduced by Trzeciak and Mazzarelli reflects our values. We therefore are in the process of ‘tokenizing’ all our ventures enabling our stakeholders and beyond to join financially and with their hearts in our vision. As above, so below.


Lamark facilitates logistic services for assessment and exambureaus. For over 20 years on different professional locations in The Netherlands. Lamark provides a high-end personal space designed to cater to the specific needs of the candidate, with minimal distractions in a serene and minimalistic environment. Certified hosts provide a safe space against fraud.

Lamark offers planning and allocation of exam spaces with certified hosts. Our Exam Management System (EMS) provides exam centres with insights and data around predictability of candidate behaviours, as well as assessment outcomes and learnings. Your personalised EMS dashboard provides real-time insights on candidates bookings and exams.

On top you have access to transparent reports, insights and learnings to create a more efficient platform for booking, hosting and providing certification and improving testing methods and how irregularities influence the testing process. Candidates have the opportunity to plan and book their own exams in the EMS. All Lamark locations are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified. Visit website

The Works

The Works Research Institute investigates the effect of spatial sound on human wellbeing. By gathering deeper and more precise understanding of the effects of sound on our physiological and psychological states, we intend to develop a new paradigm for applications using sound as medicine.

To this end, The Works Research Institute collaborates with an interdisciplinary team of researchers and scientists in the field of Cognitive Neuro-Science, Neuro-Biology, Neural Computation, Psycho and Physio-Acoustics, Physics, Mathematics, Electro-Acoustics, Audio Computation and Audio Signal Processing.

Our Flagship product, the Sphere, has been subject of three years of research and development to establish the optimal acoustical conditions to experience and observe enhanced effects of sound on human beings. The Sphere is powered with hi-end audio technology developed by Bloomline Acoustics and 4DSOUND. Visit website


Humanity has utilised unhealthy energy sources to keep society running smoothly. While fossil fuels were nearly solely responsible for humanity’s energy consumption in the past, there are healthier, more environmentally-friendly energy sources being developed and implemented that can ensure the planet has a brighter, healthier future. One of those new energy sources is the Rubicon Cube.

The Rubicon Cube is a 45 centimeter squared cube that uses a permanent magnetic field to generate electricity. The device is kick-started by a short burst of electrical pulses. Once started the Rubicon Cube generates enough electricity to supply a household for its needs. It is a long-lasting, durable, and non-invasive energy device that is able to provide constant electricity for many decades.

The Rubicon is manufactured using neodymium magnets that can be charged decentrally through (clean) energy sources. The cube includes a small battery for the jumpstart (solar-charged). When switched on, it creates a regular pulse (8 Watt) that neutralizes the magnetic field for nanoseconds enabling the rotor to go into a constant torque that is then transformed into electricity. Visit website

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